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  • 5 best smartphones available for sale

    When someone plans of replacing their present smartphone with one that’s equipped with the latest features and software version, it becomes difficult to decide which is the best option available. This list can help you figure out the right smartphone for yourself.

    OnePlus 5
    The mobile has been available for sale since 27th June. It has great design and amazing features that are worth its price. It comes with a full HD screen, dual camera system on the back of the mobile. One of the most exciting features of this mobile is its Dash Charge, which charges your smartphone in no time.

    HTC U11
    Like Apple, this smartphone is waterproof. With an impressively high-resolution display and excellent sound quality system, this phone is worth its value. This smartphone’s hassle-free software does away with bloat. Its camera is fast, reliable, and of good quality. Its headphones are equipped with noise canceling software. It is powered by Snapdragon 835 and has an excellent storage capacity. Its battery can last throughout the day.

    LG G6
    LG G6 is the flagship smartphone recently released by LG. The device has a sleek design, display, and performance. This smartphone is among the best smartphones available in the marketplace. It has an extremely lightweight software that is easily customized. It has a dual camera system. It’s full of versatile features. It is an expensive piece of innovation and technology. There is no much difference in its camera quality and design when compared to Pixel by Google, or Samsung Galaxy S8.

    Blackberry KeyOne
    The Blackberry KeyOne has surprised everyone since it is the first smartphone to be launched after a long time. It’s unlike other smartphones; the device has a physical keyboard.

    Motorola Moto G5 Plus
    This Moto G device is popular around the world for offering more for a little amount. Moto G is dominating the marketplace., whereas Moto G Plus has a great design, amazing features, and compact finishing. The price may hold you back. It sure is one of the best smartphones. Though it has a lot to offer, Moto G5 Plus still is a budget friendly.

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  • 3 Popular Online Stores for Hunter Rain Boots

    Hunter rain boots came into vogue in 1956. They became popular due to their durability, performance, and comfort. These are perfect during the rains as they remain dry and keep your feet warm. If you are looking for affordable rain boots, Hunter rain boots sale is a great way to get boots at great prices. A number of online as well as offline stores offer a wide collection of Hunter rain boots on sale. You can also get several deals and discounts on these boots at the website of Hunter. Here are a few stores that offer Hunter rain boots sale.

    • 6 PM: 6 PM is one of the best places to find different products on sale from various brands. Hunter rain boots are one of the products among these. Hunter original short gloss rain boots have been one of the best-selling products. These boots are designed especially for women. This product is made of vulcanized natural latex rubber. These boots enhance the style and provide good comfort during the rains. The interior lining is made of nylon so these boots become dry very quickly. The sole of these boots is made with rubber to provide proper traction.
    • Zappos: Zappos is another online retailer with a large number of deals and offers on the different brands of clothing, shoes, boots and other accessories. It offers nearly 20% discount on Hunter rain boots. One of the popular products on this website is Hunter original tall gloss rain boots. These boots are available in seven different colors. The material used in the making of this product is vulcanized natural rubber with a glossy touch. The inner lining is made of nylon for a fast dry. These boots sustain well through the rain as well as offer good fit and comfort.
    • Nordstrom: You can also get a sale on Hunter rain boots from Nordstrom’s offline store or website. Nordstrom offers various options for Hunter rain boots and you can select the product of your choice based on your requirements. Hunter original garden stripe short rain boots are one of the popular products that you can find on the Nordstrom website.
    • The boots are designed with a round toe and stripe detailing. It has a buckle closure and waterproof construction. These boots are available at a 45% discount.


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  • 2 types of mixers that make your cooking much simpler

    You need to perform a variety of tasks when you have to try new recipes or even create simple food items like bread in the kitchen. It is often a messy job to prepare the batter for cookies or to make the dough for bread. Beating eggs or whipping cream can be nightmarish experience with a manual eggbeater or a wired whip. To avoid all such problems and make things simpler, you can depend on just one appliance, that is a good mixer. You may even grab it at a decent price if you check out a KitchenAid mixer sale or sale for any other branded mixer.

    How mixers can help
    Most of the baking and mixing tasks become swifter and smoother with the use of kitchen mixers. A good mixer like a KitchenAid mixer comes with several attachments that can be used to get your ingredients ready within minutes, without actually spoiling your hands and utensils. Some of the most common tasks a mixer can perform to help you include:

    • Mixing several ingredients
    • Beating items like eggs
    • Mashing ingredients like potatoes
    • Whipping ingredients to make foamy and frothy mixtures with added volume
    • Kneading dough for various recipes like cakes, cookies, muffins, and more
    • Preparing ice cream in custom styles
    • Making pasta dough as well as cutting and rolling it
    • Doing stuffing like in sausages
    • Getting juices ready by extracting from fruits

    However, the above list is not comprehensive. You can be quite innovative while using branded mixers like KitchenAid mixers in your kitchen.

    Types of mixers
    While all types of mixers can come handy in the kitchen and save your prep time, it may be difficult to choose the right one, especially if you are buying it for the first time. Here are some common types of kitchen mixers available in the market.

    • Handheld mixers: If you have to save time whipping and beating ingredients or need to save space in your kitchen, then a handheld mixer can be a great buy. It can work fast and quiet. You can hold it to operate at different speeds. The lightweight motor operates the beater to mix or whip stuff in any bowl or jar. Handheld mixers are inexpensive and may start from as low as $20-$25.
    • Hand or stand mixers: This type of mixer is also lightweight. While it has a base and mixing bowl, it does not weigh as much as a traditional stand mixer does. It comes with various attachments and features retractable cords. Thus, storage is not an issue. Although it is powerful like a stand mixer, it may not work with thick dough.
    • Stand mixers: If you like experimenting with baking, then you may need a modern and stylish stand mixer that is sturdier and more powerful. Their mounted motors are fixed in a heavy frame and drive the rotary action wonderfully. The bowl is usually locked at a position for the appliance to work at selected speeds. These mixers may come with a variety of attachments for many tasks, as well as with different bowl capacities. While these may be expensive in comparison to other types of mixers, you can check out the KitchenAid mixer sale or sale for other brands to get an affordable mixer.
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  • Embroidery: The embellishing art

    Do you love needlework? Then you must obviously be in love with embroidery, which is one of the best forms of needlework. Embroidery is one of the best hobbies anyone can have and the best part is that it can be done by a person of any age. But first, you must get a proper insight into this famous embellishing art and its varied type of stitches.

    • Surface embroidery stitches
      In surface embroidery stitches, your needlework will know no boundaries, but only that of your creativity. So let your imagination fly high. Several stitches are included in the surface embroidery stitches, some of which are chain stitch, back stitch, Cretan stitch, satin stitch, and fish-bone stitch. No matter what you want to stitch on your favorite handkerchief, you can do so with the surface embroidery stitches, which circumscribe most of the stitches in this form of needlework.
    • Cross stitches
      If you have the spirit to learn something new and if you love embroidery, then you should definitely learn cross stitch. As its name suggests, it is exactly in the shape of an X. Whether you are on a train or bus or anywhere else, you can just take your needles and other equipment along with you and finish a project on your way.
    • Knotted stitches
      Have you ever thought about which is your favorite stitch? If not, then a French knot must definitely be one. Whether it is a French knot or a Bullion knot or a four-legged knot, a knotted stitch is definitely different from the rest of the stitches. Although it is considered difficult by beginners in the art of needlework, once you have mastered the simpler ones, a knotted stitch should be a cakewalk.
    • Straight stitches
      Straight stitch, as the name suggests, creates long straight stitches, which can be grouped together to form patterns. Straight stitches can be mostly seen in stitching leaves, geometric designs, or flowers. If you are confused on how to give a textured look to your piece of needlework, then straight stitches can work perfectly well. If there is any building block of stitching projects, then it is the straight stitches, which can be used to create almost any form.
    • Pulled work
      Pulled work is a special form of needlework in embroidery, which requires drawing of the fabric threads in the desired way to create a lacy outcome. During this process, the thread is never cut. This is mostly done in mono-colored fabrics. They are an entirely different form of embroidery and are exquisitely beautiful.
    • Hardanger stitches
      Hardangertitches are called so because they originated for the first time in Hardanger. They involve various forms ranging from cut work to blocks of satin stitch, geometric patterns, and even intricate designs. But they are mostly worked upon a fabric called two-thread Hardanger fabric.

    So, now that you know the various types of needlework, you should certainly give it a try. Gift your loved ones embroidered materials made with your own hands.

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  • Behind the popularity of Barbour jackets

    If you are in search of outerwear that’s durable, stylish, and reflects your personality, then Barbour jackets are made for you. These jackets are available all across the world, and they stand as an example of authentic British design which is beyond imitation.

    A few years ago, Dame Margaret Barbour met the Queen and wanted know if she would like a new Barbour jacket for her silver jubilee. But to her utter surprise, the Queen declined the offer, instead requesting her old jacket to be re-waxed. Such is the magic of the Barbour jackets that no one wants to get rid of even the most-worn pieces.

    Since its inception in 1894, the iconic waxed cotton Barbour jackets have proved themselves in every aspect. Their signature design has two big bellow pockets, a large pull ring zip, corduroy collar, and weather proof finish.

    The first set of Barbour jackets were made from premium class oil cloth, one of the finest materials available at the time. It could effortlessly shed off water, yet was highly breathable. Barbour become a renowned name in the oilskin and outdoor garments supply to local sailors and dockers. Then, Barbour jackets generated waterproof clothing for the military. Not only that, but their weatherproof outdoor clothing became the standard covering for the submarine services during the Second World War. That mix of patriotism and style meant that the unique designs soon became a hot favorite among outdoor workers.

    It didn’t take long for their popularity to reach the shores of America and Asia. The working sector of the populace was spellbound with the level of protection as well as comfort offered by Barbour clothing.

    Popular celebrities have donned Barbour jackets. Did you know that it takes the labor of 36 workmen to produce a single jacket? The production process is meticulously maintained. Each person is in charge of a particular part of the jacket so that it reaches you with impeccable perfection in all respects. It is a jacket that will be with you all your life. The company also offers re-waxing facilities, to ensure their continued waterproof quality. Barbour jackets are only produced only in their factory in the coastal area of South Shields. With only 180 staff, quality is paramount to their operations. Regardless of which state in America you hail from, you can purchase a Barbour jacket which will be a valuable piece of your wardrobe. Style, function, and history- Barbour is a timeless classic.

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  • 5 amazing iPhone series cases from Otterbox

    If you’ve ever heard of the Justice League, you’ll be surprised to find that there’s a league of iPhone cases too. They are guaranteed to protect your iPhone from dust, dirt, debris and all kinds of daredevil stunts. These Otterbox iPhone cases pack a punch and provide your iPhone with the ultimate protection lineup.
    They are strong and sturdy, with durability factored into most of them. Protecting your phone from all kinds of drops and shocks from impact is now a breeze. Your iPhone will stay safe, secure and happy.
    Check out these four amazing Otterbox iPhone cases.

    1. Otterbox Defender Series
    Featuring a triple layered defense with an inner shell protection, an outer cover, and screen protection. The Otterbox Defender series will defend your phone till the death.
    It comes bundled with port covers and protects USB and charging ports from dust, dirt and any form of residue entering through tiny gaps.
    The Otterbox Defender series comes equipped with a holster which acts as a kickstand. It functions as a hands-free option for viewing videos. It also protects the camera lens from scrapes, scratches, and scuffs.

    2. Otterbox Commuter Series
    The Otterbox Commuter series is for those who love going on adventures and want their phone to have adequate protection. The cases in this series perfectly fit into pockets and come with a dual layer cover for iPhone 7 phones. The soft inner layers absorb shocks and the outer hard layers absorb external forms of impact. The port covers protect against pocket lint too.

    3. Otterbox Symmetry Series
    If beauty is your concern, the Otterbox Symmetry Series will do your iPhone justice. Ultraslim, ultralight and ultra protective. It gives you the ultimate protection with killer designs. It comes in solid color choices with a crystal clear sleek design. It will make your iPhone stand out in the crowd and brings out the fashion in technology. The sleek design lets your phone slide in and out of your pocket without extra effort.

    4. Otterbox Strada SeriesLeather cases made of premium leather, the Otterbox Strada Series adds poshness and luxury to your phone. With very stylish, soft and slim profiles, these cases are easy to attach to your phone. It slips in and out of your pocket easily because of their unique design. These cases come with metallic accents and Otterbox Certified Drop+ Protection. The myriad leather patterns and cases are intricately stitched to perfection.

    5. Otterbox uniVERSE Case
    One case, endless possibilities is the tagline for this product. The case is modular in nature. It lets you swap out a piece and plug in different modules. Take professional photographs with a camera module. Charge your phone with a battery pack. Expand your phone’s memory with an expandable memory module.
    This case makes your phone work twice as hard while keeping the design minimal and sleek.

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  • 10 must-have features in any refrigerator

    We have come a long way from the days when refrigerators were primarily used for storing perishable food items. These days, refrigerators are not merely just for storing food and other frozen items, but also act as a photo frame on which you may place your precious memories, your shopping list, your to-do notes, and much more.Changing technology has definitely brought in a positive change in the way consumers look at refrigerators.
    10 must-have features in a refrigerator
    All refrigerators are equipped with the newest features that were not present in the previous models.

    Here are the 10 must-have features that make any refrigerator convenient and easier to use:

    • Adjustable shelves
      Of course, shelves were adjustable even in earlier models, but new models have adjustable elevated shelves that can accommodate any tall food item, a designated pizza box shelf in a freezer, and pull out shelves to access any item without any hindrance.
    • LED light
      LED lights are essential for refrigerators and freezers as they consume less energy and reduce overall maintenance cost. Moreover, LED lights are pleasant to the eyes too. All the best refrigerators use LED lights since they are environment-friendly and last long
    • Wi-Fi savvy
      When we have smart TVs, then why not smart refrigerators? Samsung has come up with an app that syncs with a few Samsung models like the Chef Collection refrigerator and a compatible Samsung Galaxy series phones. This Wi-Fi feature helps the buyer control the power usage; one can even program the fridge to adjust the temperature from the smartphone app.
    • Flexibility
      Some of the best refrigerators have come up with the technology that gives flexible options to the consumers. One can rearrange and organize the space according to the storage required. Some brands have taken this technology to another level by switching the refrigerator into a freezer. This option is one of the must-have features in any refrigerator.
    • Wide Spaces
      Any buyer who is looking to buy a new refrigerator will always want more space than his previous refrigerator. So the wider space factor is one of the must-have features in any refrigerator. Total storage in some of the best refrigerators start from 10 cubic feet and can go to 34.3 cubic feet.
    • Humidity control
      Any refrigerator that can maintain humidity levels intact works best. Though basic models maintain optimum humidity throughout, newer models are equipped with selective humidity controls. Crisper drawers are introduced to keep humidity intact in case of certain foods.
    • Digital temperature
      Maintaining accurate temperature is important. While this feature may be missing in the older models, nevertheless newer models have a digital temperature that maintains the perfect temperature settings inside the refrigerator.
    • Smudge-free body
      We do not like to wipe fingerprints every time a child touches the refrigerator. For that reason, now some of the best refrigerators have come up with a faux stainless body which looks just like a steel body. It is one of the must-have features in any refrigerator as it helps to retain the shine on the outer body.
    • Counter Depth
      Buyers prefer a refrigerator that fits along with the kitchen countertop level rather than standing out. Of course, to meet these demands of the consumers, makers in an attempt to give to sleek look to a refrigerator, have to cut on the space factor.
    • Water dispenser
      Water and ice dispensers are great for everyone especially since you do not have to open the entire refrigerator and can have it through the dispenser.
      All the best refrigerators have these features customized for their buyers. Refrigerators these days have become super stylish and have adapted themselves the way buyers want.
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  • Here are 3 popular 60-Inch TVs that are best buys for you

    TV, a common entertainment unit in all households has become smarter and slimmer over the years. Now, there are TVs of various sizes with various innovative features available in the market.

    Among the bigger models, the 60-inch ones are less common. The sizes available are either 55 inches or 65 inches or 70-inch TVs. Very few brands offer 60-inch models, these days. The 60-inch TVs offer a large display and an amazing viewing experience for your entire family.

    Here are our top picks of the 60-inch TV models available out there in the market.

    • 60-inch Samsung KS8000: This model has been touted as one of the best buys in this size range. The TV offers a clear, bright, and colorful display. The TV’s screen finish and ability to handle reflection is like no other 60-inch TV. This smart TV performs very well in bright rooms and has a sleek and minimalistic design.
    • 60-inch Vizio M Series: Another popular and cheaper smart TV in the 60-inch category. A few features worth highlighting of this model include efficient full array backlighting, a SmartCast system from the maker, and a High Dynamic Range (HDR) system. With all these features and lower price than its contemporary models, it makes for an affordable 60-inch smart TV. The TV has a beautiful design, too.
    • 60-inch Samsung KU6300: Another brilliant piece in the smart TV category, the 60-inch Smart TV from Samsung is compatible with HDR and is a 4K/UHD smart TV. The TV has a simple yet elegant design and is priced at less than USD 1,000 making it one stylishly affordable smart 60-inch TV. The only feature it lacks as compared to the other Samsung smart TV series’ 60-inch models is that this one does not have a Bluetooth function. Other than this, it’s an amazing model and offers brilliant entertainment experience.

    These are only a few of the top picks in the 60-inch TV category. Depending on your budget and space where you wish the TV to be placed, you may even explore bigger sizes of TVs.

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  • Different types of driver jobs

    While most driver jobs that are spent alone with long hours driving on the highway that is away from home, there are driver jobs that require you to drive in your local community, which lets you spend time with your family.

    Here is a list of 7 different types of driver jobs:

    • Courier driver
      Courier drivers are responsible for transporting company commodities from one place to another. There are smaller courier companies that hire courier drivers to work for bigger companies. There are big companies that have their own fleet of courier drivers. A courier driver’s job involves driving small trucks or vans daily and load goods.
    • Bus driver
      This driver’s job involves picking up and dropping passengers from and to their designated locations. A bus driver can drive a bus, small enough for 15 passengers or full-size buses that accommodate at least 100 passengers. Interstate bus driving jobs are different from local bus driving jobs, as they might involve day–night driving.
    • Taxi driver
      Taxi drivers are assigned to work with a specific car. This means that a taxi driver is responsible for the vehicle’s overall maintenance. The fares that taxi drivers usually earn is based on how long the journey is. A taxi driver’s job usually requires one to have a chauffeur’s license.
    • Truck driver
      A truck driving job entails one to have a commercial license as this job might also involve driving large trucks, with some of them being 18-wheelers. Truck driving jobs is one of those jobs that have a greater probability of staying away from home and family for days, sometimes for weeks. They are primarily responsible for delivering goods to customers and clients.
    • Personal driver
      Also known as a private driver, this driving job involves carrying a hirer from one place to another. The training may differ from one hirer to another. Salaries of personal drivers also depend on the hirer and how much time you have spent behind the wheel. The disadvantage here is that, as a driver, you cannot go anywhere without the knowledge of the hirer, as they might need you anywhere and at any time.
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  • What makes lightweight ultra-thin TVs the best
    What is the best TV technology? Which is the perfect size for LCD TV to be bought? Which features govern the best payout price for your money? What makes LCD and LED TVs different? Buying a new TV is never easy so are the answers to the above questions. Living in a high technology oriented globalized world where a large number of brands and diversified technologies are available, makes it a daunting task for us to choose. Also as an individual has different tastes, the choice gets filtered down to pro individual basis in selecting the kind and type of TV technology. Are you a technology buff? Then, you must have a habit of scrolling down all the latest new features before showing up at the store. Following this world of change, all the major brands in TV market like Samsung, LG have produced an innovative TV species that is Ultra-Thin TV and lightweight TV. Time to chuck out big heavyweight old TV sets from home, let's go with the latest fad in TV world.
    • The future of Television- Ultra-Thin television The future of the TV market is indefinitely ultra-Thin televisions. Some of the supporting points for ultra-thin TV's are as follows-
    • High-end TVs are incredibly thin Every TV displayed in the electronic market in coming years shall suit up to be the thinnest. The latest trend in the market is LG Signature OLED TV W. It is an attractive 65-inch model measuring its thinness to be just 2.57 millimeters (even Apple's iPhone 7 has 7.1 millimeters' of thinness). They are the most lightweight TV.
    • Ultra-thin television definitely gives a better and high quality picture The better and higher quality picture of ultra-thin television is supported by the fact that these new thin species use OLED (or organic light-emitting diode) that only lights up individual pixels and are competent to deliver a terrifically better picture. OLED studded ultra-thin television will be economical in price and will be the most lightweight TVs.  The revolution in television market has begun, and as the manufacturing and demands get into positive correlation, the ultra-thin TVs would be as economical as 4K LED and LCD's.
    • No external speakers in Ultra-thin television The manufacturers of ultra-thin television assure that the loudest bass won't disrupt the picture visibility and also gives a bonus point of ensuring better sound quality from TV.
    Considering all aspects, ultra-thin television is good, reliable and a next-generation electronic gadget which is a lightweight TV. Let us deck up our family dining hall with an ultra-thin television display.
  • Advantages of Video Surveillance for Homes and Businesses
    Video surveillance can be beneficial to protect all types of properties. Whether you own a small boutique, a store or a big company; whether you live in an apartment complex or a farm property, you can make your office or home safer with the use of video surveillance tools. Here are some advantages of video surveillance for homes and businesses. Better Safeguard of your Property You can automatically discourage thefts and vandalism with video surveillance in and around your home or office space. Video surveillance in residential properties can deter criminals from trying to break into the place; making is significant if you live on a large property where you can’t see every part of the house. Greater Protection of your People Video surveillance in office parking lots, staircases and elevators can help a great deal in keeping your employees safe. When you have cameras installed in back entryways or dimly lit corners in and around your office, making your employees feel safe. The same applies for residential properties also. Video cameras in and around the main entrance of a building and corridors can make the residents feel safe. If you own a building and lease it to various tenants, your use of video surveillance can keep your property under your vigilance. If you live in a big house, cameras at strategic areas like garage, pool and main entrance are always beneficial. Option for Remote Monitoring Even if you are not in the office, you can keep tabs on the work and activities through remote monitoring available in integrated video surveillance systems. If you suspect any wrongdoings are happening at your workplace, you can check the surveillance feed from any place with good internet connectivity. Remote monitoring can also be a boon for families with small children and pets. You can keep a watchful eye on them for your peace of mind but also on any house help or sitters if you suspect they are not good to your kids or pets.
  • Area rugs - How you can clean them well
    Area rugs are one of the must have decorative add-ons in your home furnishing. They help to add a splash of color to the room and draw attention. Depending on their pattern and design, rugs can help to bring the theme of the room together. If you are tired of dirty area rugs and are wondering about different ways to keep them clean, here’s what you need to know about cleaning and maintaining your favorite area rugs.
    • Vacuum Vacuuming the area rugs is essential to clean them clean and dirt-free. If you can turn the rug, make sure to vacuum both the front and back of the area rug. This helps to remove the dirt and grit and helps to prolong the usage of the area rugs. You should avoid vacuuming the frill of the rug, if it has one, as it could get damaged.
    • Brushing If there are animals or pets where area rugs are being used, just vacuuming or beating the dust out from the rugs might not be enough. Pet hair on the rugs is sometimes quite difficult to remove. In this case, a firm brush with stiff bristles should be used to remove the hair. The brush strokes should be moved uniformly in one direction for it to be effective. Brushing with smooth and gentle strokes will effectively remove the animal hair from your area rugs.
    • Turn these regularly Regular usage and constant exposure to dirt can make the area rugs look dull. The patterns, designs, and colors too could fade with time. In order to make area rugs durable and long lasting, it is important to turn them at least once in six months.In case you are looking to clean your area rugs, do not forget to keep these handy tips close. It is important to maintain area rugs to keep the dirt away. Here’s to long lasting area rugs!
  • 4 essential tips that give an impetus to your retirement savings
    Irrespective of what you earned in your hay day, you need to save for your retirement years. Simply relying on your Social Security benefit isn't a wise choice; it is imperative that you save enough money for your retirement when you are earning. The golden rule of saving for retirement is that you have to start as early as you can. Apart from this, there are certain practical ways that will help you save money for your twilight years. To ensure that you lead a comfortable life post-retirement, here are certain effective tips that will help you in your endeavor of saving for retirement. Start today Irrespective of whether you adhered to the golden rule, it's never too late to start saving for retirement. So, here's what you can dostart today. Ensure that you start saving money for retirement, make sound investments, and understand the power of compound interest. The sooner you invest money, the higher the benefits you obtain from it. Contribute to the 401(k) Most employers provide the traditional 401(k) plan, and if your employer adheres to this practice, it is advisable that you opt for it. The 401(k) plan allows you to contribute your pre-tax money to the plan, and this is indeed a major advantage for you since you are saving for your retirement. You need to consider what your tax bracket will be post-retirement while contributing to the 401(k) plan, especially if your employer offers Roth 401(k) since it makes use of income after taxes rather than pre-tax funds. Open an IRA To ensure that you have sufficient money for retirement in your reserve, you can consider establishing an individual retirement account (IRA) which will give an impetus to your retirement savings. You can choose the traditional IRA that depends on your income and is tax deductible. This provides you with the perfect opportunity to watch your investment investments grow tax-deferred until you finally make a withdrawal during your retirement. The second option is to opt for Roth IRAs that are funded with your after-tax contributions, and once you turn fifty-nine and a half years old, your earnings and qualified withdrawals become federal tax free. Meet the employer's match If your employer is willing to match your 401(k) plan, it will work in your favor to match the employer's contribution. For instance, if your employer offers to match 50% of the employee contribution up to 5% of your salary, this means that you can earn around $50,000 in a year, and contribute $2,500 to your retirement plan. In addition to this, the employer will be contributing $1,250, and this money is earned without you having to work for it. So, meet your employer's match and don't leave this opportunity to add to your retirement savings.
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