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3 creative casual shoes for men that make your life better

Casual shoes can be worn everywhere! But who says you need to compromise on the creative side when shopping for casual? You can get shoes on a budget or something expensive too. Casual shoes are affordable and don’t put a hole in your pocket, so you get form and function for every dollar you spend.

Casual shoes also add variety to your closet and life. They generally have more padding and cushioning than formal shoes. The soft interiors, flexible, and durable uppers and cushioned rubber outsoles make them the perfect treat for your feet. You can wear these shoes all day long. Be it parties, dinners out, evening getaways, or just a walk to the park, check out these three awesome casual shoes by Vionic Shoes for men.

Orion Lace Up Sneaker
These shoes can be great if you enjoy lace ups. The color blue gives them a casual look and the canvas uppers make the sneakers very washable. Canvas uppers are easy to maintain and can be wiped clean with a cloth. The footbed included is lightweight, double the density, flexible, and absorbs shock really well. Therefore, these shoes will keep your feet comfortable walking over long distances. These sneakers also have excellent traction making it easier to walk on concrete, ground, and grass.

Its advanced First Ray Technology helps you with gait, balance, and foot mobility. Wear these and you’ll find your feet are healthier and happier. Finally, they comes equipped with Orthaheel Technology, which prevents overpronation and swelling of feet.

Eli Slip-On Shoe
These casual shoes sport an athletic look and add a touch of sophistication with their intricate design. The shoes are constructed from suede, nubuck, and nylon mesh. The soles have double the density. They are very flexible on your feet and wide enough too. The Eli slip-on shoe has Orthaheel technology, making it the perfect fit for those with arch pain, swelling problems and feet pain. The orthotics help to prevent overpronation and prevents moisture from clogging your feet.

You can add orthotic support and can customize the footbed too. Its orthotic supports are removable. You get ultra mobility with the advanced 1st Ray Technology. They comes with a rubber outsole which comes full contact with the ground, providing better traction.

Maddox Slip-On Shoe

Another slip-on shoe, but what makes the Maddox great is that it comes with a canvas upper with stretch panelling. This enhances the flexibility and comfort factor. The footbed is covered with twill and the shoes are designed with Orthaheel technology. The outsole tread is basket-weaved and provides sufficient traction. These shoes are especially a great fit for those with feet problems, ankle pain, and for those who need to make use of orthotics.