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3 major types of treadmills

Cardio is an essential component of every exercise regime. Cardio exercises not only make muscles stronger, they also help keep the heart fit. Some people on a cardio workout go on pre-dawn jogs, others sweat it out in the gym. Treadmill is a great equipment for people aiming to workout at any time of the day regardless of the time, place or weather. Treadmill is also one of the most popular and effective exercise machines that is used by numerous fitness enthusiasts all around the world. Treadmills come in varied types and have sundry useful features that help in making workouts more efficient. Check out three broad types of treadmills available in the markets.

Manual treadmill
As the name suggests, these treadmills run manually. They get activated only once you begin walking. These treadmills unlike the automatic ones must be manually adjusted for inclination. The speed in such treadmills is controlled by the user’s walking speed. Manual treadmills are simpler than their motorized counterparts and are a great deal lighter and cheaper. These machines are most apt for seniors as the machine can get automatically deactivated when the user stands still. Manual treadmills may be safer however, they may cause greater fatigue than the motorized ones. These are usually less sturdy and have a narrower belt in comparison to the others.

Folding treadmill
People with space constraints may opt for a folding treadmill which is compact and easily storable after use. These treadmills are apt for people living in apartments as these machines  can be folded when not in use. Quite like manual treadmills, folding ones are affordable. Folding treadmills are best suited for taller folks and people with longer strides.

Motorized treadmill
These treadmills have a rotating belt that is run on an electric motor. These are typically more expensive than the basic models and are not only bigger but also a lot more powerful and user-friendly. Motorized treadmills mostly come loaded with several automated features that make workouts super effective and convenient. Some common features include electronic programming, heart rate monitor, sturdy handrails, easy to read displays, fully adjustable incline and speed buttons and the like. Depending on the model, some motorized machines also have a holder for a water bottle or a dedicated space to keep cell phones, music players and the like. Motorized treadmills offer greater versatility and smoother walking and running experience. These treadmills are sturdy, bulky and occupy a larger space.