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5 interesting hacks to survive Minecraft

Launched nearly seven years ago, Minecraft is slowly becoming one of the most phenomenal games among video-game players. Created by the Swedish company Mojang, the game gives players absolute freedom to do build anything in whatever way they want. The most irresistible aspects of the game are its player-devised complexity ( a player can make the game as difficult as they want or as simple as they want), the various tiny tricks hidden around the game and the extensive use of creativity from players to make the game as interesting and intricate as they want. The world of Minecraft is so vast that sometimes even the most expert players are surprised by what they encounter.

Here are some tricks that will help you navigate through the game.

  1. Use torches to breath underwater: It is quite possible during the game you swam too deep inside the water. Or perhaps your mining led the floodgates to open. In both the situations, you are probably drowning underwater and need air to breath. In this case, you can use a torch to temporarily displace the water around you and take few short breaths.
  2. Create infinite source of water using two buckets of water: If you want to create an infinite source of water, you can create a trench of three blocks that can be filled with two buckets of water. In order to avoid destroying your infinite water source, make sure you draw water from  the middle.
  3. Use middle click to obtain an object you are looking at: This is applicable only in the creative mode. You can replenish your inventory by just looking at an object and clicking the scroll button of your mouse. You can use this trick for any object including mobs.
  4. Use torches to breakthrough sand and gravel blockades: Torches are the most versatile objects that make your work easier. They do much more providing light and saving you from enemy mobs. You can use torches to clear stacks of sand and gravel. You will need to take out the lowest block and replace it with your torch. This will lead to the rest of the stack to collapse.
  5. Use ladders and signs to stop lava and water: You might encounter water or lava blocking your way. You can toss up a sign or ladder to get across the unwanted flow of lava or water. Signs and ladders can be used to do underwater constructions as well.

This list is just a glimpse of what you can do in Minecraft. As you become an expert player, you will discover different uses of object other than their more apparent utility. In addition to the freedom provided to players, the discovery of new tricks and hidden uses of objects has made Minecraft pretty interesting and engrossing!

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