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  • Sinfully sweet, tasty dessert recipes featuring the best bourbon

    Everybody loves sweets. Even if you just happen to enjoy a few occasional treats, these desserts made with a twist will certainly tempt your taste buds, not to mention your sweet tooth. Bourbon is a barrel-aged distilled spirit, commonly known as a whiskey. It has a distinct taste depending on the aging, distillation process and the type of flavor category it belongs to mainly.

    Bourbon whiskey is generally based on one of the four categories for distillation namely grain forward bourbon, nutmeg forward bourbon, bourbon aged in a caramelized barrel and bourbon made with rye. Also, the time is taken to age each barrel of whiskey will depend on the method and ingredients used to achieve its signature and distinct taste.

    It is this distinct taste which gives your everyday dessert recipes a flavor kick. Here are some of the fine examples of best bourbon used in dessert recipes:

    Bourbon banana cupcakes: Cupcakes are easy to make, taste delicious and are the cutest way to represent different flavors. Be it your rich chocolate cupcake or humble banana cupcake; these little delights will melt your heart away. Adding a couple of swigs of the best bourbon in the creamy, buttery batter will up the ante and enhance the flavor. Like banana and chocolate? Why not combine both the ingredients to make delicious banana chocolate cream cupcakes with a bourbon twist.

    Bourbon bundt cake: This cake gets it name from the bundt pan which is used to bake and give the batter that distinct ring shape. Bundt cakes are no different than your regular cakes except for the use of the ring shape hollowed mold to bake it in. Bake a lovely bundt of your choice and drizzle it with a bourbon glaze to give it that rich and most earthy flavor.

    Chocolate bourbon fudge: There is no doubt that chocolate always goes well with alcohol, even if you have it straight up. If you like a rich, creamy chocolate fudge and enjoy the occasional drink of bourbon whiskey, then this recipe should make your day. Incorporate a generous helping of some of the best bourbon you can find in the delicious dark chocolate mix to let it set and cool.

    Bourbon pie: Bourbon also goes well with a number of pie recipes like buttermilk pie, pumpkin pie and any other you can think of. The barrel-aged whiskey compliments the flavors in the rich batter ready to be baked to perfection for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

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  • Ten best vegan eggplant recipes

    Eggplant is a versatile ingredient which when cooked makes the raw fruit tender to be used in recipes creatively.

    Here are 10 best eggplant recipes for vegans:

    Roasted eggplant: A very simple and tasty dish to prepare using a limited number of ingredients featuring the eggplant as the star of the dish. An elegant appetizer which is also vegan that incorporates the creative use of olive oil and ricotta cheese, roasted to a nice crisp.

    Baked eggplant crispy sticks: All you need to do is slice up the eggplant into nice finger sized chips and coat them in a batter of breadcrumbs and eggs with seasoning as per your taste. Bake them to a nice golden brown crust and enjoy delicious eggplant finger sticks with a dipping of your choice. The innovative use of ingredients to make delicious vegan delicacies puts this recipe in the top 10 best eggplant recipes for sure.

    Vegetable Casserole: A simple yet tasty vegan dish featuring the star ingredient, eggplants! Roasted with a layer of parmesan cheese, garnished with finely chopped parsley. The casserole is a colorful and flavorful use of ingredients with delicious flavor, featuring it in the top 10 best eggplant recipes.

    Eggplant condiment: A Serbian based red pepper condiment made from red bell peppers. The eggplant and red bell peppers are roasted to be then mashed and combined with few spices and can be used as a salsa verde.

    Vegan wraps: A vegan version of your loaded meat and cheese filling, but featuring deliciously cooked eggplant coated with parmesan cheese, rolled in arugula wraps.

    Roasted eggplant dip: Eggplant roasted to a crisp making it a nice smokey and tender mash drizzled with sea salt, pepper, and olive oil finally topped off with fresh lemon juice for that citrus to cut through the flavors ever so delicately. This recipe is a must have feature on the ultimate list of 10 best eggplant recipes.

    Eggplant parmesan: A classic cheesy comfort food, featuring cooked eggplant topped with melted parmesan cheese immersed in a delicious tofu, tahini, and soy milk sauce base. The sauce compliments the eggplant well.

    Eggplant sandwich: A sandwich with a twist with the use of gluten free pancakes as the bread base and a couple of charred eggplants as the patty in between, to be topped off with your favorites making it a creative option in the list of 10 best eggplant recipes.

    Eggplant Ratatouille: A twist on the classic, featuring eggplant as the star of the dish.

    Indian eggplant dip: Alternatively referred to as “baingan ka bharta,” this recipe from the sub continent of India makes it an excellent option to go well with flatbreads.

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  • Creative use of eggplant in ten mouth watering recipes

    Eggplant is widely used in cooking for a variety of recipes. The raw fruit becomes tender once cooked to develop a rich taste with a complex flavor palate depending on the recipe used. The fruit is capable of absorbing different types of sauces and cooking fats, which makes it the perfect choice for a number of dishes.

    Here is a comprehensive list of creative ways in which his versatile fruit can be used in 10 best eggplant recipes:

    Eggplant pizza: Are you bored of a bread base for your favorite pizza, why not try an eggplant slice instead? There can be no better way for this unique recipe to make it into the list of 10 best eggplant recipes, incorporating all your favorite pizza toppings on a nice healthy slice of eggplant.

    Eggplant pasta with summer chicken: A twist on your classic chicken dish, with the creative use of eggplant in a pasta recipe. The ‘al Dante’ texture of pasta combined with tender eggplant is a perfect combination for the chicken recipe.

    Baked eggplant fries: Cut the fat and carbohydrates content by substituting potatoes for eggplant and enjoy a nice healthy version of the otherwise oily fried French fries.

    Eggplant Parmesan with chicken: Have some leftover chicken and are bored of heating and having it as is? Try this combination of chicken and parmesan spread on a nice juicy big slice of eggplant.

    Breaded coconut and eggplant fries: A slightly upgraded version of the baked eggplant fries, with a beautiful and aromatic coating of coconut and bread crumbs, deep fried to a crisp. Enjoy the crunchy taste of the tropical fruit with the tenderness of the eggplant.

    Baked eggplant chips with dipping sauce: Enjoy a nice crispy, healthy version of your homemade chips and dip with this recipe. Thinly sliced eggplant baked to a crisp with a sweet tahini, lemon, and honey dip to compliment the dish.

    Eggplant soup: If you can fry it, bake it, slice it, you can most definitely whip up a nice creamy version of this fruit. The tender flesh of the eggplant will provide just the right amount of flavor and creaminess you would want in a nice soup.

    Eggplant rollatini: Eggplant coated with bread crumbs, stuffed with a tofu ricotta filling baked to a crisp to be served hot as a classic vegan alternative of the classic.

    Eggplant tacos: This recipe features a twist on some of the classic ingredients used in a taco recipe, making it a must have in the 10 best eggplant recipes list.

    Eggplant and vegetable pie: A colorful and creative use of everyday vegetables, the star of the dish being eggplants.

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  • Cooking with bourbon, interesting recipes you can try at home

    Bourbon can be used in a number of recipes creatively for a twist in the classic flavor and preparation method. Here are ten interesting variants of the classic dish incorporating some of the finest bourbon.

    Chilli with a bourbon twist: If you like chili and also enjoy the occasional swig of aged bourbon, then this recipe will certainly tantalize your taste buds. If you can’t have it bottoms up, pour a generous helping of the best bourbon you can find your classic chili recipe to give it that extra kick.

    Sausage puffs with bourbon mustard: An upgraded version of pigs in a blanket featuring chicken sausages wrapped in delicious buttery puff pastry, to be served with a tangy helping of mustard spiked with the best bourbon you can find in the market.

    Spinach salad with a kick: A bourbon vinaigrette, drizzled over a delicious spinach salad, just the right amount of crunchy and creamy with bacon and blue cheese. A healthy salad recipe with a kick, rather!

    Bourbon grilled cheese: Grilled cheese has always been a home made classic. With the recipe being modified slightly to introduce a nice generous swig of the best bourbon, enough to cut through the cheddar cheese oozing with the goodness of butter.

    Bourbon sweet potatoes: Baked sweet potatoes drizzled with bourbon, giving a nice twist to the classic potato casserole recipe. The earthy rich flavor of the bourbon combined with baked sweet potatoes will certainly make an excellent conversation opener for your next big party.

    Maple bourbon banana pudding: Maple and bourbon together will make a vibrant and creamy sauce base for this classic banana pudding recipe. Grab a spoonful of beautiful buttery, moist cake with a generous helping of the sauce to enjoy the blissful union of the best bourbon and banana pudding.

    Pineapple bourbon shake: This tropical fruit boasts a sweet and tart taste, a perfect balance for all the sweet tooths out there. Adding a swig of the best bourbon will not only enhance the taste but will also cut through the tropical acidity of the fruit for you to enjoy something sweet with a nice kick.

    Bourbon and grapefruit cocktail: The big Texan classic, you cannot ignore this colorful beauty. The citrusy taste of grapefruit combined with the best bourbon, tangy with just enough kick to cut through the flavors ever so delicately.

    Chocolate bourbon tart: The chocolate bourbon tart is a blissful combination of rich dark chocolate combined with premium bourbon blend baked to perfection.

    Bacon and bourbon brownies: Brownies are the classic ‘pick me up’ comfort food, sweet and rich in flavor to tide you over that bad day you have been having. Add a couple of spoons of bourbon to the recipe to enhance the flavor.

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  • How to make rice pudding – A brief description

    Rice pudding is a dessert that is prepared in almost every area of the world. The recipe can vary regionally even in a single country. How to make rice pudding depends on the method you feel is the most convenient. Rice pudding has different type of preparation based on preparation method and number of ingredients used. Rice pudding can be boiled or baked.

    To know how to make rice pudding from scratch, read on the following list of ingredients and method of preparation

    You will need a one and half cup of water, 3/4th cup of rice. You can either use long grain or medium-sized grain of white or brown rice. A pinch of salt is optional in this case. 5 tablespoons of butter. ¾ cup of sugar, although, the quantity of sugar depends on if you are adding any flavor enhancers in the pudding. You will need 4 cups of milk. If you wish to make the rice pudding extra creamier use 2 eggs. Vanilla extract, cinnamon and nutmeg are optional. Balance out the quantity sugar if you are using these flavor enhancers.

    Method of preparation

    • In a microwave-safe container, add rice, water and salt and microwave it for five to seven minutes until the mixture starts to boil. Set it aside for 10 minutes and microwave it again for the next five minutes or until the rice has become tender.
    • In another container, mix butter sugar and milk and microwave high for 10 minutes. While the mixture is getting microwaved, beat 2 eggs. To prevent the eggs from curdling, add a small amount hot mixture, and beat them well again. Return the mixture in the large container to blend the mixture better. Microwave it uncovered for 2 minutes, or until the bubbles around the edge start to form.
    • If you are going to use flavor enhancers like vanilla flavor, cinnamon or nutmeg, mix the latter 2 in two teaspoons of vanilla extract and add it to the mixture. Add the mixture as it cools down and gets thickened. Serve the rice pudding warm or chilled.
    • Use a microwave popper to cook the rice pudding and make sure that the container is big as you would not want the mixture to pour out of the container as it boils in the microwave
    • If you are wondering how to make rice pudding without milk, use condensed milk but make sure that you have precooked rice. This is because if you try to make rice tender in the mixture, the pudding will turn lumpy and chewy due to condensed milk.
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  • How to make the creamiest rice pudding

    Rice pudding is a savory dish of Asian origin. It is prepared with rice, milk, water, sugars, and other flavor enhancing ingredients like cinnamon and raisins. It is known with different names around the world, with every rice pudding having different method of preparation.

    Read the following pointers If you are searching for an answer to how to make the creamiest of rice pudding.

    • Slow cooking is the key
      Simmer gently when you are cooking rice and milk together. Simmer until the milk is reduced and the rice has become tender. The authentic recipe suggests that the mixture should simmer down to 4 cups before you add other ingredients. Once rice pudding has remained less than 4 cups, add a little warm milk to maintain the consistency. If the mixture gets a little soupy, set it aside to cool for a while.
    • Add eggs for custardy texture
      If you want a custardy texture for your rice pudding, stir in beaten egg yolks after the rice has become tender. Eggs add a great texture to the rice pudding and deepen the flavor. The ingredients for making a rice pudding are simple and including these add on ingredients ensure best outcome. Medium-grain size rice contains the right amount of starch that helps to thicken the pudding and make it creamy.
    • Bake the pudding
      One of the unusual answers for how to make the rice pudding. Once you have stirred and brought the rice mixture to a perfect texture bake it for additional 30 minutes to caramelize the dessert. You will know the pudding is baked perfectly once the knife is inserted halfway in the center and comes out clean.
    • Prefer milk over cream
      to cut through time, people usually add cream instead of simmering the milk and making the consistency of the pudding thick. One of the other reasons to avoid cream is that it thickens and reduces before the rice is cooked to perfection. This makes the pudding chewy.
    • Flavorings
      Rice pudding is commonly added with vanilla flavor. There are many versions of rice puddings that use cinnamon and nutmeg, honey and even dry fruits to add enhance the flavor. To get an mousse-like texture add two egg-whites and beat until stiff, add a little sugar powder for the final quarter of cooking.

    To know how to make rice pudding in different ways, try experimenting with ingredients but make sure those ingredients complement the preparation of the traditional rice pudding recipe. Log on to different websites to know about the variety of preparations of rice pudding.

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  • 3 of the most popular old fashioned recipes

    Old fashioned recipes of comfort foods have withstood the test of time. They are still being shared and enjoyed today. Comfort food represents a homely feeling. It represents the belief of heart and soul that one puts in cooking. Here are some old-fashioned recipes that are worth a try:

    Cornbread salad
    Let us start with a salad dish. The southern cornbread salad is of the simplest old-fashioned recipe one can prepare for social gatherings or simply for dinner.

    It has some of the simplest ingredients that you can find in your kitchen and refrigerator. You need a cornbread (cut into 1 inch equal cubes. Cut them and spread them on a tray on a large baking sheet.

    Dry them out for at least 4 hours. Chop dices of tomatoes, cucumber, bell peppers, jalapenos and cabbage leaves in equal parts and take equal amount of corn kernels and kidney beans.

    Use a large trifle dish or a glass bowl and form a layer of cornbread cubes at the bottom. Start layering the diced vegetables alternating with the layers of kidney beans and corn kernels. Top the final layer with shredded cheese of your choice and salad dressing.

    Mac and cheese
    One of the most popular old-fashioned recipe is the homemade macaroni and cheese. It is a perfect cheesy casserole that you can find across the country. It is one of the simplest recipe that you can find around. Cook macaroni as mentioned in the package and drain the water. Grease a baking tray and set it aside. Preheat the oven at 350 degree Fahrenheit.

    Add cheddar cheese to the pan first and then the rest to the saucepan while the macaroni is still hot. Finally add American cheese and mix it together lightly.

    Spread this macaroni mixture in the greased baking dish. Mix milk eggs and sour cream together in a separate bowl, and add butter. Pour the mixture over macaroni and bake it until it turns golden brown and budding (approximately for 40 minutes).

    Old fashioned recipe of oatmeal cake
    One can never go wrong with an oatmeal cake. Easy to prepare, a dessert that can be relished by everyone. Preheat the oven to 350 Fahrenheit and grease and flour a baking tray. Place the oats in a bowl, add equivalent hot water to it, and set it aside for the oats to absorb the water. Mix sugar, butter and blend well until it becomes creamy.

    In a separate bowl, add eggs, vanilla extract, and sift together flour and baking soda, salt, cinnamon and nutmeg. Add half a mixture of oats into the butter and sugar mix and mix well. Add the other half of oatmeal mixture and flour and mix well.

    Once everything is combined, pour it on a baking tray bake it in an oven at 350 degrees at 25 minutes. Your oatmeal cake is ready once you insert a toothpick and it comes out clean.

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  • Restaurants in the US that serve old fashioned recipes

    When it comes to comfort food, everybody likes to try something new every once a while. Old fashioned recipes have their own taste. They are simple and focus less on the presentation and more on taste that makes them more appetizing. There are restaurants across the countries that are known for their old-fashioned recipes.

    If you are searching for restaurants that serve comfort foods the old-fashioned way, then here is a list of restaurants that you should definitely give a try.

    • Bluebird diner, Iowa city, Iowa
      Bluebird Diner from Iowa is known for their cross cultural collision. If you are at or around Iowa, pay a visit to the restaurant as they are known for their old fashioned recipes of chilli verde, smoked pork, over-easy eggs, hash browns and parmesan polenta. Bluebird Diner includes the name of local partners they used to get their food.
    • The Breakfast club Georgia
      This restaurant has been known to serve omelets outside Savanah since 1976. The restaurant is known for omelets with spinach and grilled mushrooms, garlic, parmesan cheese and is served with grits and bacon with a side of their homemade bread. It is notoriously famous for its long line, but it is worth the wait because the restaurant is by the beach and is known for its breakfast recipes.
    • Blue Benn
      The Blue Benn diner was shipped from Jersey to Bennington and was assembled on its current spot in the year 1948. It has been the same way since then. Their old school jukebox and 25 for 2 songs will warp you back in time. Blue Benn is known for its mixed berry pancakes, and pastry Cline Crooning.
    • Brent’s Drugs
      Brent’s have undergone a number of renovations since its setup in 1946. The restaurant’s soda-fountain and retro diner theme will surely give you the nostalgia of the 60’s. Brent’s drugs is famous for serving its old fashioned recipes of French toast sandwich, grilled bacon, and pimento cheese sandwich.
    • Diner Grill
      Diner Grill is made from an old rail road dining car. Without any tables and frills, the diner contains a big counter and a griddle. The Diner is known for serving their burgers at breakneck speed. Their most famous dish is known as the slinger, it is a pile of hash browns, burger patties, eggs and cheese. Diner Grill at Chicago is one of those diners that has been endorsed by 3-Michelin star staff.
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  • 4 easy-to-make canning recipes for beginners

    If your garden is full of ripe tomatoes, or if you are fond of the strawberries that accompany winter, they can be canned in the form of jams, pickles, and sauces that can last over the year. Canning is what preserves your favorite food and allows it to last longer. There are a lot of free canning recipes on the Internet that will introduce you to innovative ways of making pickles and jams.

    If you are new to the entire process of canning, it is advisable to start your journey with canning recipes that are easy to make. Here are some of the free canning recipes that are quite simple.

    • Pickled Peaches– Who would have thought that sweet peaches would make for amazing pickles? This simple free canning recipe requires only five ingredients- soft peaches, sugar, white vinegar, stick cinnamon, whole cloves. Boil these ingredients on a slow flame for 10 to 15 minutes till you can slice a fork through the peaches easily. Allow it to cool down, and fill it in an air-tight jar. Add a cinnamon stick to it and ensure that there’s no space for air to get in. And, your pickled peaches are ready.
    • Dill Pickles– You can avail of a plethora of free canning recipes for making dill pickles on the Internet since it is quite easy to make. You will need cucumbers, fresh dill, clove garlic, dill seeds, peppercorns, horseradish, and pickle master. Mix all these ingredients in a jar and pour the hot pickle master over it. Allow it to cool and refrigerate it. This pickle will last for around 2 months if you keep it refrigerated.
    • English Pickled Onions– Pickled Onions taste great with your fries and burger, and it is quite easy to make. The ingredients for this canning recipe includes onions, salt, malt vinegar, granulated sugar, bay leaves, pickling spices, etc. Sprinkle the onions with salt and add them to a jar. Mix vinegar, bay leaves, pickling spices, sugar in a pan and heat it for 10 minutes. Add this concoction to the jar with onions and seal it tightly. Store it in a cool place for 3 to 4 weeks before consuming it.
    • Pickled Asparagus- For this free canning recipe, you will need asparagus, garlic, sea salt, red pepper flakes, organic dill, organic dried oregano, mustard seeds, and black peppercorns. Fill the jar with each of these ingredients except the asparagus, and pour vinegar into it after heating it slightly. Cut the bottom stem of asparagus and fit as many as you can in the jar. Heat it in the boiling water bath, and later, allow it to cool. Store it in a cool place for 2 to 3 weeks, and then, it’s ready for consuming.
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  • 4 popular canning recipes for the chef in you

    There are self-declared chefs who will stop at nothing until they have tried every new recipe in the cook book. If you are one such cooking-enthusiast, then you must be familiar with the art of canning. Canning is the process where people preserve seasonal food items with the help of mouthwatering recipes and turn them into their favorite pickle or spaghetti sauce. What makes it more appealing is the fact that these canning recipes are free. You can avail of free canning recipes on the Internet and hone your culinary skills.

    Here are some of the popular free canning recipes that will definitely tickle your taste buds.

    • Strawberry honey jam- Nobody can resist a generous spread of strawberry honey jam on their plain bread for their breakfast. You will need 6 to 7lbs of fresh strawberries, 2 small apples, raw honey, and ½ tablespoons of freshly squeezed lime juice. Blending every ingredient in the right way would give you the delicious strawberry honey jam you crave for. It can be canned using bath water for around 10 minutes. It is advisable to keep let it cool overnight.
    • Homemade canned spaghetti sauce– If you have your own tiny garden with ripe tomatoes, this free canning recipe is the one for you. Instead of letting the tomatoes rot, use it to make your own canned spaghetti sauce that will last for a long time. Tomatoes, green peppers, canola oil, onions, sugar, salt, garlic cloves, oregano, dried basil leaves, bay leaves, crushed red pepper, lemon juice, etc. go into the making of this canned recipe.
    • Bread and Butter Pickles– Pickles can transform the most boring dish into something delicious. This is the perfect canning recipe for those who haven’t tried pickling before. You will need cucumbers, onions, salt, ice, cider vinegar, turmeric, celery seeds, mustard seeds. When you blend these ingredients perfectly, your bread and butter pickle will be ready to consume. Pickling involves using ingredients that preserve the food for a long time, so ensure that all the ingredients mentioned are used accordingly.
    • The wonderful salsa- Who doesn’t love salsa sauce to spice up their food! Instead of using the salsa sauce from the store, one can make it at home with the help of the free canned recipes on the Internet. All you need is tomatoes, onions, green peppers, canning salt, cumin, garlic cloves, vinegar, tomato paste, and tomato sauce. Mix these ingredients and boil it for 10 minutes. Seal it in a jar and cook the mixture in a hot water bath for another 10 minutes. Voila! Your salsa sauce is ready.
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