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  • An overview on the camera and display of the latest iPhone

    Apple finally unveiled the latest iPhone 12 series amidst its famous pomp and celebration. The latest iPhone 12 5G promises to deliver on every aspect ranging from display to camera. Moreover, the iPhone 12 5G, latest, will be available for pre-order later this week, and the handsets will be made available starting October 23rd. Furthermore, the iPhone 12 5G is priced at $899 and above depending on the variant you choose. Read on to know about the display and camera features of the latest iPhone 12 5G.

    • Display

    The new iPhone 12 was released a few hours ago, and the primary device of the brand new series sports the same 6.1-inch screen as iPhone 11 and XR, which is the only similarity between its old and latest phones. The latest iPhone 12 5G comes with an OLED display and edge-to-edge Super Retina XDR, offering a better, brighter, and immersive viewing experience. The front of the latest iPhone 12 5G has a ceramic shield front cover, providing added protection and improving drop performance by 4x^2. Furthermore, it has 1200-nits peak brightness and has double the pixel count than the iPhone 11.

    • Camera

    Consider the tech and media-savvy life, the camera setup is one of the most important features in a phone, and Apple, with its latest iPhone 12 5G, does not disappoint. The latest iPhone 12 5G has a dual-camera setup, consisting of a 12 MP wide camera with f/1.6 aperture, the fastest aperture on any smartphone, and a 12MP ultra-wide shooter that has an aperture of f/2.4 and a 120-degree view.

    The Smart HDR system in the latest iPhone 12 5G provides a high definition and refines capturing and viewing experience. The new camera captures better pictures and videos even in night mode with sharper contrast and improved colors. The company claims that the latest iPhone 12 5G has improved low-light performance. This, considering the already stellar low-light performance delivered by iPhone 11, is definitely worth noting. The front of the phone sports a 12MP camera with an aperture of f/2.2.

    iPhone 12 5G continues to have Face ID technology similar to its older phones.

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  • All about iPhone 12 mini’s impressive display and camera

    With every new release, Apple continues to impress its users with its stunning camera and photography features. And this time is no different. The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini are packed with a variety of impressive features and a long list of tech specifications when it comes to their new dual camera and immersive Super Retina XDR display. It features a small, 5.4-inch screen and is said to be the smallest, thinnest, and lightest 5G phone in the world.


    • The iPhone 12 mini is equipped with two cameras. The biggest change, when it comes to its camera specifications, is that the main camera consists of seven different elements and a larger f/1.6 aperture. This feature lets 27 percent more light hit that sensor as compared to the cameras in the previous models. This allows users to capture stunning images and videos, even in low lighting.
    • The second camera is a 12-megapixel ultra-wide lens with a 120-degree field of view. This camera consists of five elements, an f/2.4 aperture and a 13mm-equivalent focal length.
    • The all-new photography system, Deep Fusion, allows users to take photos with improved quality in all types of surroundings and automatically reduces the amount of noise you see in photos. You can take photos in the dark with the help of its Night Mode feature, which can be used on the ultrawide and front TrueDepth cameras. You can also record time-lapses on Night Mode.
    • The HDR camera also allows you to record cinema-grade Dolby Vision videos at 30 fps/ This processes Dolby Vision grading live even when recording. This grading remains intact while you are editing your videos in the Photos app or on iMovie.


    • The edge-to-edge Super Retina XDR of the new iPhone 12 mini allows users to have an immersive viewing experience.
    • This display is made with new ceramic-hardened material and is named Ceramic Shield. The display is made with nano-ceramic crystals embedded in the glass matrix. It is said to be tougher than any smartphone glass and offers four times more resistance in case of a drop.
    • The Ceramic Shield is said to be virtually impervious to heat and electricity, as specified by the glass-ceramic manufacturer, Corning.
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  • Apple iPhone 12 mini – accessories, variants, and exciting features

    The iPhone 12 was the center of attention at the hour-long Apple event on Tuesday. The tech-giant unveiled its latest set of smartphones, all packed with the best-in-class features and a razor-sharp processor. The iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and iPhone 12 mini are the four models of the latest series that will go on sale starting next week.

    The iPhone 12 mini grabbed quite a few eyeballs after Apple’s claim that the device is the “smallest and lightest 5G phone in the world”. With a 5.4-inch screen, the phone is definitely shorter than the other models; however, it’s bigger than the iPhone SE which has a 4.7-inch display. The key difference between the two is that there’s no Touch ID in the iPhone 12 mini.

    The iPhone 12 mini makes up for its screen size with electric features that are not too dissimilar from the iPhone 12 itself. It is powered by the A14 Bionic, which, according to Apple, is the first chip in the smartphone industry that is built on a five-nanometer process. The tech-giant claims that with the six-core CPU and four-core GPU, the A14 is 50 percent faster compared to its predecessor, enabling it to perform incredibly heavy tasks at lightning speed. Battery life is also optimised in the process.

    Coming to the design, the iPhone 12 mini again has similarities with those of the iPhone 12, boasting an immersive and durable architecture. The Ceramic Shield in the front is a fascinating addition that increases the phone’s drop protection fourfold. There’s also an all-screen Super Retina XDR display to enhance viewing experience, while the slew of MagSafe accessories add further drama to the device. The leather wallet, silicone case, and MagSafe Charger are all fascinating accessories that can be bought separately.

    The iPhone 12 mini runs on the newly-launched iOS 14, supports both 4G and 5G, and will be available in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB capacities. There are five color options, namely green, blue, (product) red, white, and black. Pre-orders for the iPhone 12 mini start on November 6, and the product will be available for in-store purchases from November 13. Pricing for the phone starts at $729, with special discounts available for Verizon and AT&T users.

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  • Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max – Check out the variants, accessories, and pre-order dates

    If there’s one thing that has not changed in 2020, it’s Techtober, a month where geeks yearn to boast the fanciest of technology. And that’s exactly what Apple did with the Apple launch event on October 13. The pre-recorded event introduced the new iPhone 12 line-up to the world and also announced that they are up for pre-orders starting this week.

    Pre-order details

    For those of you looking for just the right combination of size and power in your smartphone, the iPhone 12 modes are officially going up for pre-order. If you’re out for the biggest display, you can pre-order the iPhone 12 Pro Max starting November 6.

    Design and specifications

    The iPhone 12 Pro Max is the ultimate powerhouse and boasts the latest A14 Bionic chip, the fastest chip in a smartphone. The chip powers photography features like the all-new Apple ProRAW and the first end-to-end Dolby Vision video experience, up to 60 fps. The iPhone’s displays have taken a huge leap forward with their Super Retina XDR display, and the latest iPhone 12 Pro Max 5G comes with an OLED display that makes HDR worth the watch and peaks 1200 nits of brightness.

    The frame of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is literally a blast from the past, and it is available in four stainless steel finishes: silver, gold, graphite, and the eye-catching pacific blue. The entire iPhone 12 line-up comes with 5G functionality, offering faster downloads and uploads.

    Accessories to watch out for

    The latest iPhone 12 Pro models come with the much-awaited MagSafe technology and accessories. MagSafe features magnets around the wireless charging coil, optimized to perfectly connect with the iPhone. It makes way for new accessories like the MagSafe Charger and MagSafe Duo Charger for the iPhone and Apple Watch. Other accessories include silicone, leather, or clear cases that easily snap onto the back and a leather wallet.

    Another great accessory for the new iPhone 12 line-up is the HomePod mini, a powerful smart speaker with the purest of sound. It offers a great music listening experience, smart home capabilities, an intelligent assistant, top-notch security features, and a compact design, making for a great table-side companion in your home.

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  • iPhone 12 variants, accessories, and pre-order deals

    As of today, Apple has reigned in a new era of smartphones with the unveiling of the new iPhone 12. Packed and built with tons of innovative features, iPhone 12 comes with an advanced dual-camera system, Super Retina XDR display, and a breathtaking Ceramic Shield front cover.

    The new iPhone 12 is also one of its kind as it has 5G connectivity making it one of the first phones in the market to ensure faster connectivity speeds in the palm of your hand. The A14 Bionic is the fastest chip in a smartphone and enables you to enjoy the features of your phone to the fullest. iPhone 12 also introduces MagSafe which allows you to charge the phone wirelessly with ease and provides you with a wide range of accessories.

    Variants of iPhone 12
    iPhone 12 comes in two models – iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini. Both models will be available in five aluminum finishes – blue, green, black, white, and (PRODUCT)RED. The two models are also available in 64GB, 128GB, and 256GB memory storage that starts at $799 for iPhone 12 and $699 for iPhone 12 mini.

    You can get the latest iPhone 12 5G with monthly installments that start merely from $33.29/month. For the iPhone 12 mini, you can get it for $29.12 a month.

    Pre-ordering iPhone 12
    With the iPhone releasing in the US at the end of October and the beginning of November, you may want to consider getting a head start by pre-ordering the iPhone 12 5G online. New phones, especially one as suave as the iPhone 12, will get sold out in almost little to no time. Meaning there is no time to waste when it comes to iPhone 12 5G deals.

    Pre-orders for iPhone 12 will begin on October 16, 2020, and will be available from October 23. The iPhone 12 mini can be pre-ordered from November 6, 2020, and will hit stores on November 13.

    Lastly, you can buy a whole bunch of accessories when you order the iPhone 12 5G online. Apple has introduced a wide range of MagSafe accessories that include silicone and clear cases with MagSafe, a MagSafe charger, and a leather wallet with MagSafe. The box will contain the iPhone, a USB-C to Lightning Cable, and documentation of the iPhone. Apple has decided to not include the power adapter and EarPods in the box in an effort towards environmental goals. You can buy these separately or use your existing ones.

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  • Top-notch specifications of the new iPhone 12 Pro 5G

    Apple’s biggest event of the year was held on October 13th, in which the much-awaited iPhone 12 lineup made an appearance — and yes, they all feature 5G support. The newly launched lineup consists of four new iPhones, and among them are two premium models, the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. In this article, let’s take an in-depth look at the key specifications and features of the new iPhone 12 Pro 5G.


    Perhaps the most exciting news about the latest iPhone 12 Pro 5G is that it is powered by the new and more capable A14 Bionic chip. The CPU and GPU performance of this phone is up to 50% percent faster than any other smartphones in the market. This means enhanced computational photography and better-than-ever gaming experience. Apple has also pumped the machine learning (ML) performance, increasing the number of cores in the Neural Engine to 16. Enabling superior performance, the CPU is now capable of completing 11 trillion operations per second.


    The iPhone 12 Pro features a 6.1 inch Super Retina XDR display, slightly bigger than last year’s 5.8-inch iPhone 11 Pro. This edge-to-edge OLED display has 1170 x 2532 pixel resolution and 460 pixel density. The display offers HDR support with True Tone, a 2 million to one contrast ratio, and fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating. With 800 nits max brightness (1200 nits in HDR), the iPhone 12 Pro has one of the brightest and most attractive displays you can ever find in any smartphone today.


    Well, there is no denying that Apple has made some serious upgrades to the cameras across the iPhone 12 lineup. The new and improved three-lens camera system makes the iPhone 12 Pro a photographer’s new device. It features the latest seven-element wide camera lens for even better low-light photos and videos. With a 120-degree field of view, the ultra-wide camera can capture vast landscapes into the iPhone. And finally, a 52 mm focal length Telephoto camera brings the optical zoom range to 4x.

    Design and storage capacity

    The iPhone 12 Pro boasts a stainless steel design with a ceramic shield front cover and matte glass back. It comes in four colors: silver, graphite, gold, and pacific blue. It is available in three variants with 128GB, 256GB, and 512GB storage options. The starting price of the latest iPhone 12 Pro is $999.

    The iPhone 12 Pro 5G is available for pre-order starting from Friday, October 16th. The phone will be available in-store from October 23rd.

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  • Overview and specs of the Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

    Apple has introduced its latest product, the iPhone 12 Pro Max with 5G, and it won’t be a stretch to call it an epitome of innovation. It is powered by a high-quality A14 Bionic chip that enhances your iPhone’s performance and provides you with an experience like never before. With advanced, cutting-edge technology and the newest of wireless standards in your hands, you will be set to create and achieve wonders effortlessly. Sporting a sleek, stainless steel finish, the new iPhone 12 Pro Max is available in four colors; graphite, silver, gold, and pacific blue.

    Key specifications

    • Superfast 5G: The iPhone 12 Pro Max is designed to deliver an enhanced, ultra-fast 5G experience. With high coverage and data speed up to 4GBPS, you can now engage in faster streaming, quicker downloads, and a more realistic gaming experience. It is also equipped with a Smart Data feature that assesses your 5G needs and helps you extend your battery life, and balance your data usage.
    • Ingenious design and display: The all-new iPhone is built using a Ceramic Shield front cover and a stainless steel band + matte glass back to improve the drop performance by 4x.^². It features a large, Super Retina XDR display, enabling you to view the world in high resolution. It can withstand water up to 6 meters for approximately 30 minutes if submerged and can tackle any of your everyday spills.
    • The A14 Bionic chip: Engineered by pushing the boundaries of advanced machine learning, Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro Max consists of an A14 Bionic chip featuring a 16-Core Neural Engine. It conducts up to 11 trillion operations per second, delivering high-quality performance, prolonged battery life, and an enhanced photography and gaming experience.
    • Innovative AR and Camera: The new Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max comes equipped with high-quality lens to provide an enriched photography experience. With great improvements in camera features like Night mode, and Deep Fusion, and the Telephoto camera, you can click the most fascinating photos ever and create HDR, cinema-grade videos using only your iPhone. It also comes with a LiDAR Scanner that allows AR and further camera benefits.
    • The all-new iOS 14: The new iOS 14 has a whole array of features that simply re-defines the entire Apple experience for you. With new and improved transparency and privacy features, redesigned widgets, and the all-new App Library feature, you are more in control of your device.
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  • Pre-order iPhone 12 Pro variants with amazing accessories

    Apple launched its latest model iPhone 12 Pro 5G, and phone enthusiasts cannot contain their bells and whistles. You can preorder it from October 16, 2020. Apart from a faster processor, better connectivity (hello 5G!), and improved cameras, the latest iPhone 12 Pro 5G returns with MagSafe accessories. Earlier, the company had scrapped the much-delayed technology called AirPower, stating that it did not live up to Apple’s “high standards.”

    MagSafe charger

    MagSafe technology uses a ring of magnets coiled around the wireless charging to make the MagSafe Chargers easy to attach or detach. The chargers power up to 15W, a clear upgrade over the previous 7.5W charging that accommodated Qi-enabled devices. According to its press note, there is also a MagSafe Duo Charger for iPhone and Apple watches but is presently not displayed on its official website. “Customers can also expect innovative MagSafe accessories from third-party manufacturers,” reads the press note as well. Belkin, the renowned electronics manufacturer that is building wireless charging for cars, could be one of the third-parties. It is priced at around $39 and hopefully will be available for preorder from October 16 too.

    No additional headphones

    The latest iPhone 12 Pro 5G and later models will no longer have headphones, jacks, or outlet adapters. Apple said this move was taken to reduce the environmental waste of plastic. The company would also earn more profit if iPhone customers bought products separately.

    MagSafe phone cases

    MagSafe accessories also include iPhone 12 Pro silicone cases, which come in eight gorgeous colors, including cyprus green, plum, deep navy, pink citrus, kumquat, back, red, and white. It has magnets on its rear side so that the MagSafe charger can easily slide into it. It is currently priced at $49 on its website. If you’re a fan of clear cases, there is one available for iPhone 12 Pro. It’s made of a combination of clear polycarbonate and flexible materials. It is scratch-resistant and won’t turn yellow over time. It is also priced the same as silicone cases. The iPhone leather wallet can be attached with MagSafe phone cases via magnets. It comes in four colors, including baltic blue, saddle brown, California poppy, and black. It’s perfect for storing IDs or credit cards, and it is priced at approximately $59.

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  • iPhone 12 Launched – Take a look at its specs

    Apple has lifted the veil off four brand new phones – the iPhone 12, iPhone mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. The line is replete with high-tech features such as 5G, Dolby display, and better cameras. Read on to know about the specification of the latest iPhone 12 5g.

    • A14 Bionic Chip

    Apple’s latest and best iPhones yet are equipped with the patented A14 Bionic chip. This chip will provide a better than ever user experience and increase the battery life of all devices in this series.

    • New OS

    Recently, Apple announced its new OS, iOS 14. Just like anything else Apple does, the new OS is guaranteed to redefine user experience and enhance it in surprising yet satisfying ways. The new OS provides increased transparency and an all-new app library. It also allows for better customization of widgets and privacy features to suit the user’s needs.

    • Display

    The design of the iPhone 12 is reminiscent of earlier iPhones before Apple decided to go curvy. The device has an aerospace-grade aluminum enclosure. The 6.1-inch screen features a ceramic shield front cover that will improve drop performance by 4x^4. Its super XDR display will account for better high-quality display performance and is water, splash, and dust resistant. The new design enables your latest iPhone to withstand being submerged in 6 meters of water for up to 30 minutes.

    • MagSafe

    The new innovative MagSafe features perfectly equip the iPhone 12 for trouble-free wireless charging and opens space for accessorizing.

    • Environmentally committed

    In its bid to reduce and eventually eliminate its contribution to carbon emissions, iPhone 12 models have been made using recycled rare earth elements. To better contribute towards this mission, Apple has decided to remove charging adapters and EarPods from their phone packaging.

    The all-new iPhone 12 5g, latest, will be available to pre-order in five color variants. According to the company’s website, one can pre-order the latest iPhone 12 5g from the 16th of this month, and the handsets will be made available starting October 23. The most basic differences in the models are their colors, sizes, storage, and camera configuration. All the phones in the 12 series will support 5G streaming. Apple especially hyped this feature during the launch event by making the CEO of Verizon Wireless a part of the presentation. To quote Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, “5G is the most exciting step yet!”

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  • 4 common types of face covers

    Face coves are generally worn to protect the nose and mouth. These are pieces of material that can stop pollutants, dust, pollen, and other particulates from entering the respiratory system through the mouth or nose. Furthermore, certain face covers work as barriers to airborne droplets, giving protection against several bacteria and viruses. A few bikers and cyclists also wear face covers and bandanas to keep off dust particles and other elements while riding their bikes and cycles. From surgical masks to bandanas, here are some common types of face covers:

    • Surgical masks

    Surgical masks work as physical barriers that keep large particulates from entering the nose and mouth. They are worn to protect others against the wearer’s respiratory fluids that may otherwise find their way out, and also to protect the wearer from contaminants present in the surrounding. These kinds of face covers offer protection against respiratory or bodily fluids that include droplets, splashes, or sprays. These are usually loose-fitting and disposable in nature.

    • Non-medical face covers

    Non-medical face covers include cloth masks. Based on the type of the cloth that is used, these covers can be porous as well. This enables easy breathing and free movement of air. Non-medical masks are similar to surgical masks in terms of their workings. That is, non-medical face covers, too, provide the nose and mouth with protection against respiratory fluids. Cloth masks are convenient (they can be washed and reused) and mostly used by those who are not in the healthcare profession.

    • Respiratory protective equipment

    Respiratory protective equipment (RPE) is a specialized cover worn by healthcare workers. This type of equipment keeps fine particles including germs, chemicals, smoke, and dust from entering one’s system. These covers fit tightly and provide protection against nearly 95 percent of airborne particles. N95 masks are a type of RPE.

    • Biker/cyclist face covers

    Bikers and cyclists wear protective face covers to keep off dust and a range of pollutants. These can be bandanas or scarves worn around the face, covering the nose and mouth. There are also specialized face covers, which protect the head and face, leaving out the eyes.

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