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Here are a few common causes of itchy skin

It is often hard to identify the cause of itchy skin. If it is temporary and seems to vanish after treatment, there is no need for concern. However, if there is constant dryness which does not subside even after applying moisturizer, then it is possible that there may be an underlying problem. Itchy skin symptoms may vary depending on the condition and the intensity of the problem. While some may get relief by just moisturizing, others may not find relief even with medication.

What are the causes for itchy skin?
Most people who display itchy skin symptoms suffer from dry skin. If you do not take care to moisturize your body or you are someone who bathes too often using harsh soap or products, you will need to reconsider the way you maintain your hygiene. Hydrating your body with sufficient water throughout the day is essential. Further, moisturizing your body immediately after a bath can alleviate such problems to a considerable extent.

Indicative of something else?
Many a time, we do not realize that such itchy skin symptoms are indicative of an underlying problem or condition.

  • Pregnancy: If you are pregnant, there are chances that such itchy skin symptoms are normal. The skin tends to get dry and needs to be moisturized well.
  • Dermatitis or eczema: People in any age can suffer from dermatitis or eczema. While there are many types of infections, a doctor will be able to tell you what you are suffering from upon examination of your symptoms.
  • Exposure to allergens: The first indication of itchy skin symptoms are that you have been exposed to allergens or certain plants which can cause rashes.
  • Medications: Certain medications are also known to cause itchy skin. It is important to tell your physician about any known allergies before a prescription is written.

Itchy skin can be a sign that your skin needs more moisture or it can also be an indication of something serious. Either way, checking with a physician will put your mind at ease.