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Essential things to know about chronic fatigue syndrome

Doctors and the medical industry have been trying to find definite extreme causes. There are over 2.5 million Americans who have this disorder. Everyone get fatigue when they over exert or work long hours and due to stress their body becomes tired and that leads to fatigue. Fatigue usually goes away with some rest and proper food intake. When fatigue is prolonged and stays for longer time (many months together) it becomes a case of extreme fatigue or chronic fatigue syndrome.

The causes of extreme fatigue are generally unknown. There are multiple things that lead to this condition such as:
A weak immune system
hormonal imbalance

Normally, fatigue is what happens when someone is going through a sickness or illness. It is usually a part of symptoms an illness or sickness has. But when it isn’t a normal fatigue and there are no signs of any other illnesses, it can be a case of extreme fatigue or chronic fatigue syndrome.

The causes of extreme fatigue can affect the body when they occur because of unhealthy lifestyle. Immune system becomes weak because of these factors below:
Over training (athletic)
Environmental exposure
Occupational chemical exposure
UV radiation and other harmful radiation
Drug therapies (some)
Blood transfusion and surgeries

Other things that impact the immune system are linked to your diet. The cells that make your body are renewed from the food that you eat. Eating processed food, excessive fat, alcohol, refined sugar contributes to the weakening of immune system.

Though the causes of extreme fatigue are unknown, the risk factors can be treated as causes. When the diagnosis is done right, the treatment can be started to cure the syndrome. Just like causes, there is no one definite treatment to cure this condition. The treatments work over a period and one must be consistent in those treatments.

Here are the things that you can do to treat chronic fatigue syndrome:
Graded Exercise Therapy: this therapy includes swimming, walking etc., The activities are dependent on your physical capabilities. Physical activities make you stronger from inside and that helps your immune system to become stronger.

Medication: there are some medications that can be taken when you face headaches and intense joint or muscle pain. Medicines don’t cure extreme fatigue but they help you through it. Other medicines like antidepressants are also given to treat some of extreme fatigue causes.

Lifestyle changes: An unhealthy lifestyle affects the body over a period of time. Prolonged and chronic conditions occur because of unhealthy lifestyle and hence it is essential to get back on the healthy track where the patient eats right food and avoids things like:
All unhealthy food items
Wrong sleeping pattern
And other related activities that don’t contribute to good health

Add healthy activities like yoga and meditation to your daily routine as they help you reduce stress and make you healthy from inside out.