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Importance of insurance for seniors’ medical scooters

Medical scooters or mobility scooters are an ideal means of transportation for disabled and senior citizens across the globe. This mode of transportation has become popular across various countries and is accepted by seniors for its convenience and ease of use. The scooters are single-person electric vehicles having three or four wheels. Seniors use them as a means of road transportation and they are available in various types, models, and colors.

Nothing gives them a sense of independence like a medical scooter does. Many seniors become dependent on others as they do not drive the car any longer. They do not like the way their life becomes totally dependent on someone else. That’s where these medical scooters come in handy. Seniors may also pack their shopping bags in its bonnet.

Insurance for medical scooters
Since mobility scooters are not used on the highways or on public roads, it is not mandatory to have an insurance for them. However, it is better to voluntarily take out an insurance in order to protect your scooter from any damages or theft. In case of an accident or in the event of a theft, the financial consequences could be significant. With a senior’s medical scooter insurance, you will be provided with financial benefits and it will give you peace of mind. The protection is covered separately and is also a part of other insurance policies.

There are two types of policies for you to choose from. One is a policy that covers for the repair and replacement of the scooter in case of theft or damage. The other policy covers the claims made against you in case you cause an injury to a third-person or property.

It is advisable to apply for a senior’s medical scooter insurance as it will protect you at all times. If anything goes wrong with the scooter, you will not have to incur any expenses out of your pocket. If you happen to damage a property or injure a person and there is a third-party liability against you, the insurance will cover for the same. In short, the insurance cover works like any other insurance policy and will pay for the repairs and replacement to the scooter in addition to the third-party liability. With the insurance cover, you may enjoy your ride in a stress-free and comfortable manner.