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Know all about internet and TV packages

The concept of combining internet and TV services has become very popular with most consumers nowadays. It has a number of benefits and here is all you need to know about such bundles.

What is a bundling service?
Bundles are nothing but the service packages offered by a phone company or a cable company to consolidate your bills. These packages include internet service, phone service and TV service. You get to pay for different services in one bill. You can select the package in a combination of these services.

What’s the use?
The main use of these internet and TV packages is the convenience. You not only get to pay one bill for all your services but all your problems get solved with one customer service number. You do not have to call different service centers for issues related to different services. For queries regarding any service, you need to call the same customer service number.
The other advantage is you save money. If you subscribe to different services separately, you need to pay money for each and every service separately. However, if you are subscribed to the services in a bundle, you get all the services under one bill.

Types of bundles
You can choose a combination of services as a bundle. It can be a Triple play bundle where you take a package of internet, phone and TV. This package can prove to be economical for people who use all of these three services extensively. If you have to go for these services separately you end up paying more.You also have an option to choose only two services bundle too. You can either choose to have internet and TV or phone and TV or internet and phone bundle. You can eliminate the service from the bundle that you do not wish to use. This way you can still save money on your bill.
Similarly, most of the phone services providers have tie ups with the TV Company to provide bundling service. If you choose this type of bundling, you pay to both the companies in one bill. Now most of the phone carriers like AT&T and Verizon offer internet TV so that you do not have to choose from other companies. However, these TV services are provided through fiber optic cables and not through satellite. So reception of this service becomes difficult if you happen to live in a remote area. A much cheaper option would be to go with a cable service provider who offers all the three services in a bundle. You can save hundreds of dollars in a year when you subscribe to all the services in a bundle.

With technology advancing each day, these companies are sure to come up with some more services added to the bundle. And as a consumer, you get to choose what you want under one consolidated bill which is a great time-saver and also energy-saver.