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Privacy Policy

The primary purpose of this privacy policy is to protect the privacy of visitors by stating terms and conditions that permit certain actions. Safeguarding our users’ privacy is the goal of the website. This privacy policy highlights and clarifies how we manage the personal information of the visitors on our website. The users’ acceptance to the utilization of cookies according to the terms and conditions stated in this privacy policy is implied by agreeing to this privacy policy. The privacy policy also outlines how user information is collected, distributed, and used. These processes are applicable to this website, hereby referred to as the COMPANY.
The COMPANY also includes its affiliates and subsidiaries, and the policy applies to information disclosure, data storage, compilation, and use. The terms and/or conditions of this privacy policy may be changed, modified, or both at any time according to the clauses and manner mentioned in the privacy policy. All users will receive a notification about the said change. Additionally, any modification or alteration to the privacy policy shall be posted through the user’s registered email address. The users must immediately stop using the website in case they refuse to accept any of the changes made to the privacy policy. If they continue to use the website, it implies they have given their consent to the altered or modified terms and conditions of the privacy policy.
The COMPANY cannot be held liable for the information collection by any of the third-party clients, companies, or websites. This privacy policy is specifically associated with the information practices of this website and its users only. As this website also includes links to other websites, all users agree and are aware that this website cannot be held accountable or liable for the privacy policies and information compilation and circulation processes of the websites that it may link to. It is recommended users read the privacy policy terms and conditions of the other websites in the event they click on any of the given external links and are redirected in the process.
Collecting Personal Information of Users
Through the website, the COMPANY may collect, store, and utilize the following types of information.
(a) Any information provided by users or visitors upon registering with our website.
(b) Any personal information that is sent by the user to us.
(c) Any information including username and email ID provided when subscribing to our email notifications and/or newsletters.
(d) Any information provided during the use of the services on our website, or information generated while using such services. This may include the frequency, timing, and pattern of services used.
(e) Any information about a user’s personal computing system, operating system, and location along with the internet protocol (IP) address, browser version and type, referral source, page views, duration of the visit, and website navigation paths.
(f) Any information such as the user’s name, email address, postal address, telephone number, and card details related to a purchase made on our website or via transactions the user enters into through our website.
(g) Any information provided while completing a user profile on the website including the user’s name, gender, address, date of birth, profile pictures, relationship status, interests and hobbies, education, and employment details.
(h) User information that includes username, profile pictures, and other related content of the posts posted on our website for publication on the Internet.
(i) The information associated with any communication including content and metadata related to the communication sent through our website or directly sent to us.
Users may note that consent must be obtained from another person before disclosing any details of another person to us.
The COMPANY does not collect information on children
Safeguarding children’s privacy and protecting their information is important to the COMPANY, and therefore, parents are advised to thoroughly review this privacy policy and understand the terms and conditions. Our website is general in nature and is created to be used by adults only. We never knowingly or willingly collect, request, or store personal information from children under the age of 18 years. Our websites are not intended to be used by children.
Third-Party Advertising
We allow third-party companies to place external advertisements on any of our websites and other websites where we advertise. Such third-party companies may place their unique cookies on the user’s browser whenever these advertisements are displayed to the user. These third-party companies also use the available information of user visits to our website. Through these cookies, ads are displayed whenever users visit the site. Also, for supervising online advertisements, the website may utilize web beacons that are offered by third-party advertising companies. Using web beacons, the website can identify cookies as and when the user visits the website. The web beacons also allow the site to acknowledge banner ads directed from the user to the website. 
Web Beacons
Web beacons are programming code used for the display of an image on a web page and utilized for transferring the unique user identification of the user to a database. This unique user identification is usually in the form of a cookie, which is utilized to link the individual visitor to the acquired information in the database. Such beacons help track the activities of individuals online who visit the website. Web beacon tracking enables the management of services and products that users may be interested in purchasing or hiring. Also, web beacons help our websites track online behavioral patterns for marketing purposes. 
Cookies are small packets of data created by a web server that are distributed through a web browser to be stored on the user’s computer. These data packets help track the online patterns and preferences of the user while browsing websites. Additionally, cookies help to identify return users or visitors. The technology also enables the customization of a user’s web experiences so that the user is not prompted to enter information multiple times for each website visit. Users visiting the website must be willing and agreeing to the use of cookie tracking. 
IP Address
IP is the unique number assigned to a user’s computer whenever they come online and browse websites. IP address is required to recognize a user during any online session. Also, it is used for the collection of data based on demographics. The website also gathers the user’s IP address to ascertain problems with our server and manage issues.
Log Files
Log files are utilized and reviewed for monitoring member activity. This is done by the website to track related information of all the web pages viewed by visitors. Moreover, the website tracks information obtained from every hyperlink clicked by the user as and when they visit any of our websites or while viewing our emails.
Use of Personal information
Any personal information received by us via the website shall be used only for specific purposes mentioned in the privacy policy. The COMPANY may utilize this information provided willingly by the user:
(a) to manage and operate the website or business
(b) to make any modifications to the website
(c) to allow the use of specific website services
(d) to send the goods to the user who has made a purchase from our website
(e) to offer the user any and all services they have purchased from our website
(f) to send the user collective reports, bills, and reminders of payments
(g) to send the user all electronic notifications via emails, which they have specifically requested
(h) to collect payments from the user for goods sold or services delivered
(i) to periodically send our email newsletter, as specifically requested by the user (the user may also notify us in case they do not want to receive newsletters)
(j) to provide all relevant information on data shared with third parties about the users (note that the third parties will not be able to identify any particular user from the information provided)
(k) to send communications that are not for the purposes of marketing
(l) to secure and safeguard the website and all data within from any fraudulent activities
(m) to send essential marketing communications connected to our business. The mode of delivery could be either by post or by email, as specified by the user (the user can also notify us to stop sending these marketing communications if they no longer wish to receive these notifications in the future)
(n) to check and comply with the terms and conditions as stated by the government pertaining to the use of this website (these actions also include active examining and analyzing of private messages sent via the messaging service of the website)
(o) to deal with any user/customer grievances, complaints and provide assistance for specific inquiries made by or about the user to the website.
Note that no part of users’ personal information will be circulated without obtaining the users’ permission first to any third-party companies for purposes such as direct marketing. We shall publish the content and/or use the furnished data in accordance with the license that the user has allowed to us only if the user provides any personal information to be published on the website.
The user can stop the distribution of the personal information provided to our website by making changes to the privacy settings on their registered profile. These settings can be changed using the privacy controls on the site only. Note that our payment service provider manages all the financial transactions related to the website. We may share any personal information given by a user with our payment service provider for any purpose including complaints, queries, and payments, and refunds.
Use and Release of Personal Information
Users’ personal information may be required to be shared or released from time to time for certain cases stated in the privacy policy. The release is authorized to any of the members of our group companies in the manner prescribed. This includes the holding company and its subsidiaries. Users’ personal information may also be required to be disclosed to insurers, agents, officers, employers, professional advisers, subcontractors, or suppliers for certain purposes stated in this privacy policy.
The COMPANY may disclose personal information of users:
(a) required by the law but only to the extent specified
(b) to buyers or prospective buyers of any business that we are selling or are considering selling
(c) for the purpose of any ongoing or prospective legal proceedings
(d) providing information for the purposes of prevention of fraudulent activities or credit risk to exercise, establish, and protect all the legal rights of the company
(e) To any individual in the COMPANY’s reasonable opinion who we think may approach the court or any capable legal authority for disclosing personal information where such court or authority will order to reveal said personal information
The COMPANY shall not share or disclose any personal information of the users to third parties except for the cases that allow such information sharing as stated in the privacy policy.
Communicating Changes to this Privacy Policy
The company reserves the right to alter or modify any of the clauses and provisions mentioned in this privacy policy. Users will be sent periodic notifications of any updates and changes to the existing policy. We also advise users to check the data for changes and alterations from time to time. Notifications of change will be sent to the registered email ID or shall be communicated by placing a permanent notice on the website. The privacy policy will continue to remain in effect unless there are specific changes made to it. Any additional changes made to the policy will be brought to effect and the users will be notified in case of such events. Users also agree and acknowledge that the continued use of the website after changes have been made to the privacy policy will be deemed as consent or approval given by users for agreeing to and being bound by the said changes.
Security Measures
The COMPANY employs multiple safety protocols and uses industry standard guidelines to protect and safeguard all individual and user data. This is done to ensure there is no misuse, change, or loss of data. However, the COMPANY cannot guarantee complete security of user’s personal information transferred over the Internet. Users are also notified of the technologies used to store, measure, and transmit all information over the Internet and are informed that it is not completely secure. We do not provide any guarantee that secure systems and networks in place will be able to stop third-party hackers from illegally accessing and obtaining any personal information.
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