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Tips for Purchasing and Maintaining a Refrigerator

Home appliances have made life much easier these days. These electronic equipment ensure maximum convenience in performing everyday household work and fostering a comfortable lifestyle. Major appliances like refrigerators and air conditioners are very common in households today. Minor appliances such as toasters, mixers, juicers and grinders, induction cookers, and microwaves are a must in the kitchen for an easy and comfortable living.

Major appliances like refrigerators are generally a one-time investment. A refrigerator is an essential in your kitchen. You can store food and drinks without worrying about them getting spoilt, and maximize their shelf life. However, while buying kitchen appliances like refrigerators, it is important to consider multiple factors. This article gives you an insight as to what you should keep in mind while buying a refrigerators appliances.

Your needs and the refrigerator’s capacity

You should buy refrigerators appliances, keeping in mind your home’s needs and your desired capacity. If you have a small family, your storage and preservation requirements in the kitchen will also be small. In that case, you can buy small refrigerators appliances and pack them with all the foods and drinks you have. These are small refrigerators available online as well. These allow you to store five or six bottles of drinks as well as adequate food. They usually do not come with a crisper but do have a freezer.

If your needs are bigger, you should buy a refrigerator with a greater capacity. Family refrigerators are also available online. You can conveniently store food, fruit, and vegetables on the shelves and in the crisper. There is sufficient space to store multiple bottles as well. Look for refrigerators appliances with a spacious and well-regulated freezer.

Freezer on top or bottom?

This is a big question you may be wondering about while purchasing refrigerators appliances. Choose a refrigerator with a freezer on top if you want more space to accommodate big platters, pizza boxes, or birthday cakes. If you use ice on a regular basis or a lot of frozen food, a refrigerator with a freezer on top is just perfect for you. However, you will need to bend down a little in order to reach the stuff that’s stored on the shelves.

If you do not use the freezer much, you should consider buying refrigerators appliances with the freezer at the bottom. The food and drinks inside the fridge will be within better reach as you will not have to bend down much. These refrigerators are also quite spacious. They are perfect for fresh veggies and fruit lovers as you need not bend to reach the crisper.

Check for warranty

While buying kitchen appliances like refrigerators, always check if they come with a warranty. Never buy a refrigerator without a warranty, be it big or small. Be cautious while buying online and ensure that a proper warranty card is provided with the purchase. It is always wiser to buy from trusted brands, in order to be assured of quality and durability.

Carefully consider the duration of the warranty period. Doing so is important, in order to avoid unnecessary expenses due to premature damages which may occur. The smaller refrigerators appliances may come will a smaller warranty period than the bigger refrigerators. Make a comparison, in order to make an informed decision while purchasing a refrigerator.

Maintain your refrigerator well

In order to optimize the longevity of your refrigerators appliances, you need to maintain it well. Keep it clean and do not store food for very long durations. You should get rid of water which may accumulate in the fridge. Keep the temperature in the fridge well regulated according to seasons and climatic conditions. For maintaining a fresh smell in your fridge, you should clean it regularly with a bleach solution. Do not forget to switch it off while doing so. Read the handling and maintenance instructions that come with the refrigerator, and you are good to go!

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