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Tips on wearing a collarless leather jacket during fall

The great thing about collarless leather jackets is their versatility. Whether you’re tough looking, petite, tall, short, baby-faced, blonde or dark-haired, it does not matter.

Colorful leather jackets, cropped leather jackets, and patterned leather jackets might work well with specific looks. For an overall best buy, go for a black one. Remember, anyone can carry a leather jacket well if paired perfectly with a pair of denim.

Here are some tips on how to carry off a collarless leather jacket during fall:

  • One, for a sure-fire fall vibe, layer a collarless jacket over a plaid shirt left open with a t-shirt inside, skinny jeans and ankle length boots.
  • For a dressy look that resonates with fall, pair the jacket with a light-colored midi skirt, a dark top and ankle length boots.
  • For a tough look, wear a cropped leather jacket with cameo pants, beanie, and heels.
  • For a casual day out with your boyfriend, wear a colorful leather jacket or a studded one with a plain tee shirt, blue jeans, a statement necklace and an attractive pair of heels.
  • To make the maximum use of your summery dresses, team up a leather jacket with a free-flowing maxi and comfortable yet stylish footwear during fall. Or, your short, white summer dresses can be paired with black tights, black jacket, and combat boots to make it work for the fall. The same can be done for summer skirt and a tank top. Add a jacket, leggings and boots and you are set for the fall.
  • For a super casual look, team up the jacket with leggings, long sleeved tops, and knee-high boots. If you want to look cute while you are at it, accessorize it with a scarf. For a classic casual look, go for a brown leather jacket, a striped tee shirt, and skinny blue jeans.
  • For work, keep yourself warm by adding a collarless leather jacket over a sweater with a professional looking skirt.
  • If you’d rather not wear leggings during fall, skip them for knee-high boots, dress, a scarf, and, of course, a cropped leather jacket.
  • For a fun and bright look during fall, wear a collarless black leather jacket with a white top and colored jeans.
  • For a date night, pair your dress with sheer leggings, knee-high boots, and a studded leather jacket.