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Tips To Select Budget Laptops Under $500

For many aspirant buyers that might be buying a new laptop for the first time; and those would need it for specific basic applications; their budget can be the major criteria for selecting the laptop. There is nothing wrong with having a cheaper version of laptop for comparatively simple usage. People that wish to have a laptop for browsing their favorite websites reading and answering e-mails, typing in some important reports, making some presentations and watching and sharing videos; there are plenty of varieties in a laptop under 500.

Most of the people can surely spend $500 for a notebook. However, it would be essential to set the priorities about the technical configuration and the features required. We can try to have most of the features and configuration in a new laptop under 500.

However the process of selecting the best possible and best-suited new laptop under 500 cannot be as simple as searching for laptop brands using the filter of ‘under $500’, choose the most ‘gorgeous looking laptop’ out of the arriving results and hitting the ‘buy now’ button. Because we need to buy a properly functioning laptop for years to come and not an expensive showpiece that would remain untouched after some weeks in our home or office.

We can get some laptops in this range with excellent screens but considerably poor performance. Some of them would have best possible technical specifications with moderate appearance. We cannot expect best-in-class laptop in the price range we are looking for. However, we can stick to the most required features and would need to compromise on other things while making a choice.

We must come out of the misconception that cheaper is not better. In fact, the manufacturers optimize the design of sturdy keyboard and touchpad and body build of the laptops along with balanced speed. Thus we can have a proper functioning laptop in this budget as well.

  • We can select Intel or AMD processors at least of the 3rd generation (i3 range). These processors would have enough speed for the operations usually carried out using these budget laptops. These processors are serviceable compared to other options.
  • Most of the laptops in this range would have minimum 2 GB RAM that would be sufficient for keeping multiple tabs open at the same time and even if we could get something better than this such as a 4 GB RAM, we would be on the winning side.
  • We can have HHD storage in this price range because SSD would be expensive and to have SSD storage, we might need to put some more money.
  • Screens with LCD or the modern IPS LED technology, and with a resolution of 1366 x, 1768 would be the optimum choice for this budget range laptops.

Thus considering these factors, we can select the laptop under $500 that would have the better body build as well for more durability.